I’ve watched this at least 200 times

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 Benedict Cumberbatch filming Sherlock. London, 14/4/13 (x)

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Well here it is ladies and gentlemuffins, my infamous J2 photo op.

For those of you new to my little corner of tumblr, a little backstory: I am a burlesque and belly dancer. Naturally, I thought it would be funny to incorporate some of that into my photo ops (all in good fun). I was worried about whether they’d go along with this, so I spoke to one of the handlers beforehand. Her words? “Just give the pasties to Jared. He’ll love it.”

So when the time comes for me to do my op, I walk up to them and tell them: “So boys, I’m a burlesque dancer…” at which point Jared immediately interrupts and says “Funny you should say that, I am too!”. So I go “Well then give me your best pinup girl pose!” and I hand him my pasties and Jensen my boa. They strike a pose, cue the whole room erupting in loud cheers, apparently people all the way down the hall heard it. It was over too fast, of course, but Jensen very elaborately draped the boa over me after we were done and I damn near fainted. Anyway, these guys were just so great, and such good sports, and I am so, so, so honored to have met them. They made my very first con experience a great one.

Fun fact: later in the autograph line, Jared goes to me “I wore your nipple thingies!” and I’m like “pasties, they’re called pasties.” And he’s all “How do you get them to stay on?” and I’m like “Carpet tape!” (which is true, that’s what I use.) and he goes: “next time, bring some carpet tape!”

Fun fact number 2: that boa has been all over my naked body. I have worn those pasties. I didn’t really consider that until after the photo op. *hyperventilates*





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I promise I will do all of them!



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